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Programs and Events of the San Diego Science Alliance connect educators, business and community leaders and students to improve science education in the San Diego region.

As San Diego’s go-to STEM agency, we ignite passion and change to strengthen the STEM pipeline from schools to industry.

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We invite collaborators to amplify K-16 STEM learning opportunities, increase public understanding and support around the urgency of STEM in school and out-of-school time.

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Our Mission


As San Diego’s leading force for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) advancement, the San Diego Science Alliance puts our expertise and resources into action to ignite passion and strengthen the education industry pipeline so that we can re-emerge as a global leader in STEM. We:
  • Ignite Passion in all San Diego County Children through Programs, Events and Services
  • Engineer a Stronger Pipeline for a STEM-Capable Workforce
  • Incubate Collaborative Ventures
For 20 years SDSA has served as San Diego’s go-to STEM agency, the only providing opportunities to students in all 43 school districts. By incubating collaborative partnerships among educators, industry, research institutions, colleges and universities, we enhance quality STEM experiences to strengthen the pipeline of STEM-Capable graduates.
The SDSA also serves as the state liaison and regional leader of the San Diego Collaboratory (groups supporting STEM initiatives). As one of 14 member seats state-wide, we catalyze networks that include top companies and leading educators to make meaningful and important policy and program changes. The San Diego STEM Collaboratory is a Regional Alliance Partner of the California STEM Learning Network.


The San Diego Science Alliance relies on donations to bring amazing, inspiring educational programs and services to children throughout San Diego County so we can build STEM-capable students.

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