High Tech Fair

The High Tech Fair is a collaborative effort between the Science Alliance, the San Diego County Office of Education and San Diego City Schools. It has grown over the past sixteen years to include 60+ exhibitors from local cutting-edge STEM organizations and nearly 4,500 students in attendance.

Mark your calendars for the 2015 High Tech Fair!

October 14, 2015 – Student Parent Night (public event) 5pm – 8pm

October 15, 2015 – School Day Event (classroom field trips) 8am – 2pm

Bing Crosby Hall, Del Mar Fairgrounds

Check out the video below to see what the High Tech Fair is all about!

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high-tech-fair-girlThe interactions that take place during the High Tech Fair result in new inspirations for students and teachers and renewed commitments to education outreach for exhibitors.

The “Tech Fair” is unique in that its charter is to enlighten 7th-12th grade students to the world of science and the possibilities of a scientific career. Local participating companies, who provide the interactive experiences for the students, find the experience fun and rewarding. The students enjoy seeing ‘real life’ applications of what they may be learning in the classroom. This is a wonderful venue for a cooperative effort between business and education.

Students arrive in 30 minute increments to ensure that each student can visit each booth easily and not miss any of the exciting exhibits. The participating companies are encouraged to consider their audience and include interactive activities that clearly explain their companies’ technologies and products. We like to answer the question: If I worked for your company, what would I do? However, this is not a career fair, it’s a technology fair. The Science Alliance even provides district bus transportation and substitute teacher reimbursement for local public schools, to remove barriers to participation.

The High Tech Fair was expanded in 2010 to include Student Parent Night from 5pm – 8pm the evening before the traditional school day event. This event is free and is open to the public. The science being showcased is at the 7th – 12th grade level; content may be too advanced for children younger than ten.

San Diego’s high tech companies are represented by STEM professionals who address questions like:

  • How do math and science play a role in robotics?
  • Can we mathematically model cellular behavior?
  • How do physics and chemistry govern the biological activity of cells and organisms?
  • What comes out of the tailpipe of a hydrogen car? What comes out of the tailpipe of a gasoline car?
  • Name three barriers to the release of radioactivity in a nuclear power plant.
  • What keeps a rocket going straight in flight and why?

Come see for yourself why students and local businesses attend this event year after year.

For STEM-related companies interested in exhibiting, and/or sponsoring part of the High Tech Fair, refer to the menu at the top (right column) of this page to learn more and sign up. Questions not answered on the website can be directed to hightechfair@sdsa.org.