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Why Robotics?

Robotics education and competition develops students’ talents and understanding of STEM subjects. It motivates students to enhance their technology skills and introduces them to STEM careers through an engineering challenge. During research and deployment tournaments, students interact with professionals who serve as mentors and role models.

Participation in competitive events also provides students with opportunities to practice sportsmanship, teamwork, intellectual prowess, and competitive spirit which are normally associated with athletics. These values are important to young adults’ development as they move into their chosen careers.

Robots in Land, Sea, and Air

SDSA leads and facilitates K-12 robotic education by supporting numerous nationally-recognized programs and competitions including: Botball, iARoC, FLL, FIRST, Smart Mind Robotics, and Robo Link, as well as providing teacher training for Mind Storms Robotics, SeaPerch remotely-operated underwater vehicles, and Kid Wind wind turbine programs. In addition, SDSA hosts SeaPerch regional qualifying tournament and Kid Wind qualifying and regional tournaments.




Exploring STEM Careers Initiative (ESCI) is a National Science Foundation funded grant to San Diego State University Research Foundation in collaboration with San Diego Science Alliance.

Exploring STEM Careers Initiative Participation Forms 2014-2015 Season

Participation Requirements

Teacher Commitment Form

Research Forms: Teacher Consent to Act, Student Consent to Act, Parental Consent

Challenge Facts for Teachers: Botball, SeaPerch, Kid Wind


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